Friday, April 5, 2019

Traditional Medicine 2019 Conferences

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding program which covers the entire spectrum of research & innovations in the field of Traditional & Alternative Medicine
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@Rome, Italy 
On: 24-25 July, 2019 
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Monday, April 1, 2019

Track 11: African Traditional Medicine

African traditional medicine has its origin in the African sub-continent. Initially, it was said to be a primitive method of medication but now it has gained attention among the research scientist. The traditional African treatment mainly focuses on the patient's social environment as the main cause of the disease rather than medical or physical reasons. This medicine is found to be effective and economical for several diseases and so many developing countries show interest in integrating African traditional medicine with the modern health care system. It is also found that this traditional medicine is even capable of treating many dangerous viral diseases like Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Ebola.


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Track 10: Unani

Unani was introduced by 13th century during the Mughal rule in India. According to Unani, treatment of any disease depends on the right diagnosis of the particular disease and provide suitable treatment. There are several universities in India, Pakistan and South Africa providing Unani degree courses. The treatment procedure of Unani medicine includes regimental therapy apart from the naturally derived medicine which eliminates toxic agents and cleanses the system. Some herbs from Unani medicine is found to possess properties like anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and enzyme inhibitory activities. Recent clinical studies prove that Unani medicine is effective in treating women suffering from infertility issues caused due to obesity and polycystic ovary disorder. The studies based on Unani medicine are gaining more attention and the research is creating higher impact factor


Friday, March 29, 2019

Track 9: Siddha

Siddha is originated from the ancient Vedic writings of Tamil culture written on palm leaf manuscripts. Siddha follows some procedures along with the medication such as intense yogic practices and periodic fasting and meditation. Recent studies prove that various herbals from Siddha have potential anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties. Even the latest research evidence shows that Siddha medicine is capable of treating cervical cancer. Also, Siddha medicine has been used among masses and showed effective results in developing resistance against mosquito-borne disease Dengu


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Track 8: Acupuncture - Needle Therapy

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine which is used to treat musculoskeletal problems and treat a wide range of conditions. It is widely applied for the treatment of various neurological disorder. According to recent researches, acupuncture could be used to treat neural diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and depression by modulating the plasticity of the Central Nervous System. Recent studies show that the use of acupuncture resulted in satisfactory treatment of conditions such as addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol, stroke rehabilitation, headache, menstrual cramps, and tennis elbow. Acupuncture is also an effective treatment method for asthma without any side effects.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Track 7: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a worldwide recognized medical practice which has its root dates back for more than 2500 years. The Chinese Materia Medica is a pharmacological reference book for Chinese medicine practitioners. The traditional Chinese herbal remedy Artemisia annua which has been used in China for almost 2000 years is found to be effective against malaria and could prevent almost one million deaths annually from severe malaria. 


Monday, March 25, 2019

Track 6 : Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is an alternative treatment method which applies natural therapies. Naturopathy is based on the treatment which involves providing the suitable conditions so that the natural self-healing properties of the body gets optimized. Naturopathic diagnosis focuses on identifying the underlying causes of disease, while naturopathic therapies are supported by research drawn from peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines. Naturopathic physicians mainly focus on prevention of disease, assessment of risk factors and hereditary susceptibility to disease and then make appropriate interventions to prevent illness. 


Traditional Medicine 2019 Conferences

Our # goal is to deliver an outstanding program which covers the entire spectrum of # research & # innovations in the field of # Tra...