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Siddha Medicine is one of the oldest and Traditional Medicine still in practice. here are some of the facts regarding Siddha Medicine.
  • Siddha system of medicine is one of the oldest traditional systems originated from Tamilnadu, India. It is believed that Lord "SHIVA" is the founder of the system and conveyed to the people by '18 Siddhars. 'The original texts or literature of Siddha system are in the language 'TAMIL'. Plants, Metals, Minerals and Living things are the basic objects of Siddha system.
  • The medicinal plants have their own individual medicinal effects. In Siddha literature, individual character of every medicinal plant is described in clear including their toxic effects. Medicinal plants are used to prepare medicines directly as in herbal preparations and indirectly as in Metallic preparations.
  • Metals and Minerals play a great role in Siddha system. They are very effective in treating serious problems. The purification methods of metals and minerals are clearly mentioned in the Siddha literature. Various methods to a single preparation by different authors are unbelievable.
  • Living things are very effective,in treating Neurological diseases and certain diseases.
  • 'Siddha system' of medicine is a well built system and have some dietary rules while taking the medicines called 'path yam'. These are nothing but to enhance the effect of medicine. Dosage is a very essential thing in Siddha medicine. The Dosage must be followed as per the literature and serious complications may occur if the medicine is administered without proper consultation.
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